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My journey with food started in childhood, bouncing between feeling overweight and undernourished through crash diets and excessive exercise. That’s why I decided to study nutrition – I believe everyone deserves a healthy relationship with food and a balanced, sustainable approach to their goals. I ditch the one-size-fits-all mentality and delve into the unique tapestry of your life. We’ll work together, whether you’re aiming to shed body fat, build muscle, or simply navigate food without anxiety. Forget drastic measures – we’ll celebrate small, lasting changes you can weave into your everyday life, like rediscovering the joy of cooking or choosing nutrient-rich snacks. My passion isn’t just professional; it stems from overcoming my own food struggles. I understand the frustration, confusion, and fear that can cloud our relationship with nourishment. But trust me, there’s a path to peace and progress on your plate. Let’s build a better you, one mindful bite at a time.